Information Resource Management

Newbury Login Information

To access the network or any of the many services, you’ll need a username and password. Use of Newbury College systems, usernames and passwords is agreement that you will adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy posted on Please keep your password confidential – no college employee will ever ask you for your password!

Newbury wireless login:

Connect to the strongest signal - either Newbury College 1 or Newbury College 2.
Use the security key you received at check in.

Newbury Email:

Your email username is: FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME - the initial password is 7700nnnnn
(password change required after first login )

If you forget your Newbury email password, please email using your personal email account. If the personal email account matches what we have on file, we will reset the password and notify you by an email to your personal email account. If this does not match, you must come to the helpdesk and present your ID Card. The helpdesk is open Mon - Fri 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Nethawk: Course Registration, Emergency Contact, and much much more!

To access Nethawk, go to and select Nethawk on left side

Your Nethawk username is FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME

Ini Password: student id number
for example
(password change required after first login )

**we recommend making your Nethawk Password the same as your email password **

Please send questions and comments to