New Student Orientation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should Attend?
A: All first year students and transfer students new to the College are required to attend.

Q: May I bring guests to the Summer Orientation Program?
A: While we recognize that the support of family and friends is critical to your success as a student, we regret that we do not have space to accommodate guests in the residence halls during Summer Orientation. However, there are hotels located close to campus. A list of accommodations will be enclosed in your confirmation packet that was sent by mail to your home address. A family program is offered during the first day of each Summer Orientation session. * Guests are unable to attend the Student program alongside the Newbury student.

Q: When is Summer Orientation held?
A: First-year students are asked to attend one of the following sessions:
Session 1 -- Saturday, June 17 and Sunday, June 18
Session 2 -- Tuesday, June 20 and Wednesday, June 21

We encourage transfer students who are transferring in less than 24 credits or those who feel they would benefit from the extended program to feel free to attend the First Year student program.

Transfer students are asked to attend session 3 on the following date:
Session 3 - Thursday, August 3 and Friday, August 4

Session size is limited and assignments will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration opens May 1, 2017.

Q: Where will I stay during Summer Orientation?
A: All students will stay in a Newbury College residence hall. Additional information on what to bring will be in your confirmation packet. Please contact the Office of Student Involvement if you live far away and need to come a day early before your Summer Orientation.

Q: When and where do I report for my Orientation?
A: Check-in for Orientation is at the Newbury College Student Center between 9:00am to 9:45am on Day 1.

Q: I'm a First Year Commuter student, am I expected to stay overnight?
A: Yes, because the programs run over two days and late into the evening, we require all students to stay overnight.

Q: Is there an Orientation Program for parents and family members?
A: Yes there is an Orientation Program for families! We encourage you to bring your parents and family members that will be supporting you financially and emotionally during your four years here. For planning purposes, the Family Program is offered on the first day of the two-day program. It will be necessary to reserve your spot in advance to get your first choice of dates. If you have immediate Family Orientation questions, please do not hesitate to call the Office of Student Involvement 617-730-7063.

Q: Do students have to pay to participate in Orientation?
A: No Payment is required at this time. The one time New Student Fee that covers all your costs for orientation will be included in your first bill.

Q: Will I meet with an advisor and have my class schedule completed during Orientation?
A: Yes! You will go home with your class schedule at the end of the program after meeting with an academic advisor.

Q: Do I need to bring money to pay for my classes?
A: No, as long as you can attend one of the June sessions, you will not need to pay for classes at orientation. During the month of July you will receive a bill for the classes for which you have registered during the Sumer Orientation program. However, you may want to bring money if you would like to buy something at the bookstore.

Q: Will there be overnight accommodations provided?
A: Yes, all students are required to stay overnight in the residence hall during the orientation program. The overnight stay is an important part of the overnight experience for all students. Sessions will go into the evening hours and early the next day. You will also be developing your class schedule overnight with the Orientation staff and peers. In addition you may enjoy any social events that will be taking place. Lastly, as a guest in the residence halls during the academic year, you will be held accountable for Residence Life policies, regardless of your residency status. This is a perfect opportunity to be come familiar with them. Keep in mind that as a student, we want you to feel welcome to all aspects of campus life, whether you are a commuter or resident.

Q: What if I can't attend this date?
A: You should make every effort to attend one of the June Orientation dates if you are a First Year student or the August date if you are a transfer student. If there is a non-negotiable conflict with all of these dates, please call the Office of Admissions at 617-730-7000 to let us know.

Q: Which Orientation Program is for International students?
A: International students should plan to attend the International Student Orientation program on Saturday, August 29th (if a resident student you are able to move in on Friday, August 28th) which is a facet of the larger Nighthawk Welcome Weekend beginning on August 29th-30th. More information from the International Student programs office will be forthcoming.

More Questions?

Contact the Office of Student Involvement by email at See you this summer!!!