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Make It. Matter.


“Make It. Matter. is more than a phrase; it's an attitude in knowing that everything you do has meaning and purpose. At Newbury College, we Make It. Matter. by providing a world-class education that is mission-driven and results focused, and by concentrating on the ability of every student to transform themselves through a strong liberal arts foundation.” – Dr. Joseph L. Chillo, President

“I Make It. Matter. because Newbury has provided me with the networks and essential tools to become the leader that I am today. Not only have I been building my own legacy along the way, but more importantly, I have been able to assist others in finding their paths and paving their own legacies… and I believe that is what truly matters most.” – De'Juan Bacchas ’15, Alumnus

"The challenges we face in the world require innovative problem-solvers. And Newbury College prepares students to make a difference in the world through the hands-on learning and real world applications provided both inside and outside of the classroom.” – Dr. Laurie Gordy, Academic Dean and Professor

You don’t want just to learn. You want to do. You want to put ideas into action. To makesomething with those ideas. To connect the classroom to the real world. To get out there and show what you’re made of. You don’t need someone to tell you it’s a complex and changing world. You need an education that prepares you to make it in that world.

At Newbury, you matter. You’re seen. You’re known. And in this highly personalized environment, you’ll be mentored, challenged, and prepared to achieve your personal and professional goals.