Student Billing

Refund Policy

Withdrawal/Refund Policy
In order to be considered for a refund, Newbury College students must complete an official College Withdrawal / Leave of Absence form, which may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office or the Adult and Professional Studies Office. After the form has been completed, it must be delivered to the Registrar’s Office. The day the completed form is received and recorded by the Registrar is the official date of submission. Please note that students who are not receiving federal financial aid must file this form within the first 21 calendar days of the semester or they will be ineligible for a refund.

General Refund Policies for Federal Financial Assistance
When a student withdraws from all courses before 60% of the semester is complete (regardless of the reason for the withdrawal), a Title IV refund for the semester is required by federal law. Title IV refund refers to all Title IV funds such as Federal Pell Grants, Federal SEOG Grants, ACG Grants, and Federal Direct Stafford and PLUS loans. The same applies for MassGrant funds. Newbury College grants and scholarships are not included in the Title IV refund and are treated below.
For example if a student withdraws from the last course in which they were enrolled on the 30th day of a semester that is 92 days in length, the student would be eligible for approximately 32.6% of Title IV funds received (30/92=32.6%). The student would have earned 32.6% of their Title IV funds. If the student withdrew on the 56th day of the semester, the student would have earned 100% of their Title IV funds because more than 60% of the semester had been completed (56/92=60.8%).If the student does not earn any credits at the end of the semester and did not officially withdraw from the College, it is assumed that the student has left the College and earned only 50% of their Title IV funds. Under these circumstances we are required to return 50% of the Title IV funds for the semester.

General Refund Policies for Students Not Receiving Federal Financial Aid
Assuming all tuition and fees have been paid, and after all non-refundable fees have been deducted and institutional (Newbury) financial aid has been appropriately adjusted, Newbury College will issue a tuition credit or refund in accordance with the following policies:

1. Written withdrawal prior to the first scheduled day of classes: 100% of the tuition of the stated course(s) and any other non-refundable deposit(s) have been deducted.
2. Written withdrawal submitted within the first 21 calendar days of the semester: 50% of the tuition of the stated course(s) after the tuition and any other non-refundable deposit(s) have been deducted. Institutional aid will be adjusted to 50% of the semester allocation.
3. After 21 calendar days of the semester no refund will be made. Institutional aid will be granted at 100% of the semester allocation.
Approximately 3 weeks are required for processing a tuition credit and/or refund.

Residence Hall Refund Policy
The general refund policy does not apply to charges for room and board. Resident students must refer to the License Agreement for Resident Services concerning early withdrawal from the Residence Halls.

Withdrawal Policy for Online Courses

To maintain enrollment status in an online summer course, the student must complete the initial log-in and make at least one required submission within the first five calendar days from the class begin date.
If the student does not complete the required post as prescribed, the student will automatically be withdrawn from the course and will not be eligible to earn a grade. This withdrawal will be considered an administrative withdrawal since the action was taken by the College and a “WA” will appear on the student’s transcript. The student will be held responsible for 50 percent of the tuition stated.

If the student drops:

  • a course prior to the start of the registered class, he/she may do so without a permanent record of enrollment appearing on their transcript for that course. The student is entitled to a 100 percent refund of tuition for that course.
  • a course during the Add/Drop period but enrolls into another course; no notation will appear on the student’s transcript for the dropped course.
If the student withdraws:
  • after the class begin date but before the end of the Add/Drop period (please refer to the Summer 2012 Academic Calendar) a notation of “W” will appear on the student’s transcript for that course. Pleas refer to the calendar to determine tuition and refunds for the period of enrollment.
Financial Aid
For those students enrolled in an online course and who qualify for financial assistance, financial aid will be disbursed to the student’s account two weeks after the classes begin date. Any student who is receiving financial aid and withdraws or receives an administrative withdrawal is subject to having their financial aid returned in accordance with Federal law.