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Student Testimonials

Maria Graffeo ‘12
Bachelor of Science in Business Management
There were so many good reasons to choose Newbury College. First of all, the College offers great programs on a consistent basis, whether it be on evenings, weekend, or online. They also have multiple sessions, which was really great for my schedule. The small classroom size and the convenient public transportation nearby were also important. But I really knew Newbury was right when I came to visit. I immediately felt very comfortable with the staff. They were helpful, professional, and very supportive.

Throughout my time at Newbury, this feeling was reinforced. From the tutors in the Academic Success Center to the Financial Aid Staff to the professors and peers in the classroom, everyone helped me to challenge myself and to succeed. The Adult & Professional Studies staff went above and beyond to help guide and mentor me. They made sure I had the understanding, direction, resources, and clarity to keep me on task, to keep my vision toward the future, and to help me complete my education.

In every class I took I learned something invaluable, something I know will stay with me forever. My online professors were great at communicating consistently and keeping the lines of communication open to all students. Newbury’s professors instilled confidence in me even in subjects I wasn't as comfortable in. All of my professors showed a profound knowledge of their subject area, and obviously had a passion for teaching and helping students thrive.

In today’s market, you need to be professionally competent, have a strong skill set, and be fully prepared to compete for your success. It’s so important to invest time and energy in oneself. Newbury let me do that; I now have a degree that makes me more marketable. It has opened doors for me. Because of my Newbury degree I now meet requirements for a higher position at my place of employment, and will probably be promoted. Because of Newbury, I now see myself obtaining a Master’s Degree in the near future. I just can’t say enough about what Newbury has done for me.

Rebecca Johnson, ‘15
Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant, & Service Management; Concentration: Hotel Administration

I love Newbury’s campus. It’s so beautiful, and yet so close to everything Boston has to offer. But what really made me decide to come to Newbury was the small classroom environment. I just know that I really excel when I have more in-depth conversations with my classmates and more one-on-one time with professors. And I really did have the opportunity to get to know some terrific professors and students throughout my journey at Newbury. Everyone I worked with at the school was just so supportive, friendly, and reliable. I always enjoyed my courses at Newbury because I comfortable in the classroom, but my professors also made me want to push myself and work hard.
The greatest thing I learned in my time at Newbury was to never give up, to always take a risk and go for it! It may not be easy, but the reward will be great. Newbury understands what its students are trying to achieve and the College has an enormous amount of resources to help you accomplish your educational goals. So if there’s any time to take that risk, it’s when Newbury has your back.

Timothy "T.J." Graceffa, '14

When I came to Newbury I had already been working in the food service industry for years. What I wanted was to develop my culinary experience into a career, not just a job. And that is exactly what I’m getting from my courses at Newbury. I know that these classes are giving me the knowledge I need to make that happen. Newbury’s chef instructors are intelligent, passionate, knowledgeable, and personable. They are simply all-around great people and skilled professionals, with lots of experience and very high standards, and they have helped me gain a better culinary foundation than I ever could have on my own.

Newbury’s affordability and flexible schedule have also made it possible for me to keep working full time while I take classes, which was so important to me. But my favorite part of the Newbury experience has to be working with my fellow students. The small class sizes at Newbury have allowed us to become very close, and we’ve really formed a core group that learn from and collaborate with each other. We help keep each other on track, no matter what.

If someone asked me for advice on going back to school, I would tell them to follow your passions and do what you love. Furthering your education can open new doors and provide you with new sources of inspiration. I would recommend Newbury to anyone looking to expand their horizons. It’s never too late.