Bachelor Degrees


Academic Program Mission Statement:
Training in psychology creates possibilities for improving human lives, bridging conflicts and making the world a better place. We prepare our students for graduate education and a variety of career roles in human service, education and research settings, equipped with psychological knowledge and skills, insight, and empathy developed through experiential learning and a commitment to social justice. Students majoring in psychology develop an understanding for commonality in human experience, while also fostering an appreciation of individual differences. Our program emphasizes reflection and insight that promotes understanding of self and others. An essential element of the program focuses on inclusivity and respect when working with diverse populations. Scientific inquiry, ethical practice, self-reflection and applied critical thinking are the hallmarks of our psychology graduates.

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate depth in knowledge and application of major concepts, theoretical perspectives, historical trends and empirical findings in the field of psychology.
  2. Apply scientific reasoning to the design, execution and analysis of psychological research within a biopsychosocial framework.
  3. Integrate professional ethical standards and behaviors as scientists and practitioners as prescribed by the American Psychological Association (APA) and other professional organizations within the discipline.
  4. Exhibit effective communication skills in oral, written and multiple media formats when working in the many fields of psychology
  5. Apply psychology-specific content and skills, effective self-reflection, project-management skills and teamwork skills in their professional roles. 

Recommended Course Sequencing:
Please see course descriptions for prerequisites. All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise specified.

EN105 Advanced English Composition *
EN206 Introduction to Literature
HU100 Foundations of Liberal Arts **
HU135 World Religions or HU152 Introduction to Philosophy
MH201 College Algebra or MH203 Survey of Math *
PS101 Introduction to Psychology
PS221 Human Development I: Childhood and Adolescence
SS107 Introduction to Sociology
Electives (2) 

HU103 World Civilization (Modern)
HA215 Medical Law and Ethics
PS222 Human Development II: Adulthood and Aging or PS240 Psychology of Adjustment
PS230 Social Psychology or PS233 Community Psychology
PS235 Abnormal Psychology
Humanities Elective
Psychology Elective
200-level (or higher) Psychology Elective
200-level (or higher) Social Science Elective

HU305 Ethics
PS 349 Research Level I: Introduction to Research
PS 350 Research Level II: Methods and Statistics
PS331 Theories of Personality or PS336 Family Psychology or PS337 Theories and Applications of Counseling and Psychotherapy
Arts and Science Elective
200-level (or higher) Literature Elective
200-level (or higher) Psychology Elective
300-level (or higher) Psychology Electives (2)

PS360 Brain and Behavior (4 credits)
PS499 Psychology Internship or PS498 Bachelor Thesis or 300-level (or higher) Psychology Elective
SS305 Global Issues
200-level (or higher) Arts and Science
300-level (or higher) Psychology Elective
400-level Psychology Advanced Seminar
Electives (2)

Total Credits Required For Graduation: 121

* by placement
** If you have 15 or more accepted transfer credits, you may replace HU100 with an Arts and Sciences elective.