Associate Degrees

Hotel & Restaurant Management

Academic Program Mission Statement:
The Associate in Applied Science degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management prepares students for entry-level management positions in hotels, motels, restaurants, resorts and clubs. The curriculum focuses on solid management and analytical skills, encouraging a strong sense of professionalism. Students become familiar with all aspects of the hospitality industry, from organization and staffing to accounting and the laws that govern the hospitality industry. Internships allow students to gain experience in a professional work environment. Graduates may continue at Newbury College for a bachelor degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Service Management with a concentration in Hotel Administration.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate a knowledge of the hospitality industry and be aware of the importance of management skills and professional development.
  2. Recognize the importance of quality service management and its role in developing professional standards.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to find, understand and evaluate relevant information in the hospitality field.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to use communication to disseminate pertinent hospitality information as a means of motivating employees and informing management.
  5. Demonstrate their understanding of the importance of social awareness, respect and the value of contributing to the larger community.
  6. Demonstrate a belief in the importance of ethical behavior, high standards and professional conduct in the hospitality industry.

Recommended Course Sequencing:
Please see course descriptions for prerequisites. All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise specified.

CS117 Applications and Presentations or Elective *
EN105 Advanced English Composition *
EN206 Introduction to Literature
FS102 Food Concepts for Hospitality
HR102 Front Office Operations
HR103 Introduction to Hospitality Management
HR209 Resort Management
HU100 Foundations of Liberal Arts **
MH103 Integrated Algebra (4 credits) *
Humanities or Psychology or Social Science Elective

AC101 Principles of Financial Accounting
FS201 Food, Beverage, and Labor Controls
HR203 Sales for the Hospitality Industry
HR299 Hotel and Restaurant Internship I or Hospitality Management Elective
MN200 Business Law
MN201 Human Resources Management
MN208 Business Communications
Arts & Science Elective
Hospitality Management Electives (2)

Total Credits Required For Graduation: 61

* by placement
** If you have 15 or more accepted transfer credits, you may replace HU100 with an Arts and Sciences elective.