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Roger A. Saunders School of Business & Hospitality Management

The Roger A. Saunders School of Business & Hospitality Management prepares students in the areas of leadership, innovation, and management in the business and hospitality industries. The degree options and concentrations offered in this school allow students to focus their career interests and further their personal and professional development for successful careers through experience-based internships in one of the most widely recognized cities in the world — Boston.

Boston area businesses, hospitals, hotels and restaurants offer students invaluable opportunities to apply their knowledge in a professional environment while gaining incomparable industry experience. From internships with the Boston Red Sox to the Mass Health Connector to Craigie on Main, solid connections are aided by faculty who have served as industry professionals as well.

The curriculum in this School is designed to promote critical thinking, creativity, and ethical awareness, and serves to foster students’ professional competency and active engagement with current industry trends.