Experiential Education & Career Services

The Internship Approval Process

You are encouraged to begin your search for an internship one full semester ahead of your intended placement date.

In order to secure an appropriate internship site and to register for the associated internship course, you are required to follow the 3-step process in the order outlined below.

1. Contact the Experiential Education & Career Services Center

  • Set up an appointment with Career Services. | careers@newbury.edu | 617-730-7072 | AC #124 - Student Success Center
  • During this appointment, your credit count and GPA will be verified.
  • Have a current resume ready for review. It must be approved to proceed.
  • Through the Center, you will obtain a packet including a listing of search tools, potential internship sites and your Internship Handbook.
2. Search For and Apply to Sites
  • Think about the type of placement you will need to thoroughly challenge yourself and best grow your skills.
  • Utilize the resources provided to research, identify and apply to internship sites. 
  • Apply early and often. Proofread all of your work and update your application materials to meet the specific needs of each employer you contact.
3. Connect with your Internship Course Instructor
  • Secure an offer of an internship from an employer and obtain a position description.
  • Contact your Internship Course Instructor to review your offer, a copy of your position description, and to request that they complete your Internship Application.
  • Once your Internship Application is completed and processed, you will receive direction from your instructor related to the academic requirements of your internship course.
DEADLINE: Site offers and position descriptions for spring 2017 must be shared with your school’s Internship Course Instructor by or before Friday, December 9, 2016, in order for your Internship Application to be processed.