About Newbury

College Mission

Newbury College engages students in a career-focused education, grounded in the liberal arts, within a diverse and dynamic learning community. The College mentors students to become professionally competent, ethically aware, socially responsible, and prepared for lifelong learning.  Committed to personalized and experience-based teaching, Newbury College inspires students to become independent thinkers, valuable collaborators, and global-minded citizens.

Learning Objectives

At Newbury, our faculty is committed to the idea that a meaningful college education for all types of students requires active participation in the learning process. Here, you will find yourself in an environment that will challenge you to achieve your personal and professional goals while grooming you for the competitive 21st century job market in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

In keeping with its mission, Newbury College has developed and adopted the following college-wide learning objectives. Students who graduate from Newbury College should be able to:
  • demonstrate a depth of knowledge applicable to the fulfillment of professional career goals
  • demonstrate the ability to access, analyze, interpret, and evaluate information in order to make thoughtful decisions in a complex and changing world
  • demonstrate effective communication skills applicable to academic, professional, and social interactions
  • demonstrate high standards of ethical behavior in personal, academic, and professional endeavors
  • demonstrate knowledge of self and society which promotes intellectual, professional, and personal growth; and leads to a commitment to lifelong learning
  • demonstrate the ability to serve as responsible citizens and to interact with their chosen communities with a sense of purpose and a respect for the value of cooperative action